Restricted area trekking

Restricted area trekking

Restricted area trekking :There are many parts of Nepal into which the entry of foreigners is stringently control. People cannot get a permit for those regions or must travel with a Liaison officer and pay for a special permit. Some areas specifically closed to foreigners. Before planning trek to such areas think that these places will stay close and there won’t be any count on a last minute in a rules. At the moment there are no longer any restricted areas officially in Nepal. Due to the word restricted people got confused about these places but the word restricted means that places are closed for trekkers, or open to trekkers only when attend by government register Trekking Company.

There are many reason behind these restricted area exists. It was threatened from the time when the border with china was more responsive then it was at the present. There has been pressure from the environmental groups, particularly the Nepal Natural conservation society to Nepal government to keep some places closed for ecological reasons to avoid both cultural and environmental degradation.

During the trekking periods there could be different problems of accident, illness and theft which trekkers cannot handle them, to handle the situation they need assistance so Nepal government restricts some areas because it has doubts that it could provide security that trekkers need. There are also political reasons for some restrictions: in 1970 s the jomsom trekking was closed because a major foreign-aided military operation had been mounted there in support of the khampas in Tibet. There are many influences on the decision to open or close certain parts of the Nepal to foreigner’s trekkers.

These recants changes have liberalize both the trekking and climbing and there is huge pressure to open more areas to foreign trekkers. Magic Himalaya treks and expeditions are here to make all the arrangements and sufficient tours in these regions just for you. The Restricted area trekking are Upper Mustang trek, Manaslu and Tsum valley trek etc.

Restricted area trekking Packages

Manaslu Trekking Manaslu Trekking Duration: 17 days | Grade:Strenuous
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Upper Mustang Trek Upper Mustang Trek Duration: 17 days | Grade:Moderate
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